Feeling Stuck?

Most people get stuck in a rut at some point, feeling like each day is the same or that they are on an automated path to their destiny. "Feeling Stuck? Empower Yourself to Live a Happier, More Fulfilling Life" is a roadmap for personal transformation and empowerment. It brings the successful teachings of a private coaching program to a broader audience by guiding the reader through the ten essential tenets of mindset transformation.

Drawing from her own experiences, relatable stories, and expertise as a coach, Nicole provides practical tools and empowering insights to help individuals navigate challenges, unlock their potential, and create a life filled with joy and fulfillment.

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"Feeling Stuck? Empower Yourself to Live a Happier, More Fulfilling Life” delivers powerful information and effective tools for those that are tired of thinking about what their lives could be, and ready to take action to make their dreams a reality. Nicole offers insight and exercises that make way for every reader to experience their own inner transformation. Be ready to feel inspired and experience the benefits unfolding in your life!

Azmeena Duran, PsyD, Organizational Psychologist

FREE Preview of the Companion Workbook

Free PDF Preview of Tenet 1 of the companion workbook to "FEELING STUCK? Empower Yourself to Live a Happier, More Fulfilling Life"

Bonus Downloads

Download the Anchors of Mindset Transformation here, along with many other inspiring takeaways from "FEELING STUCK?"

Resources for eBook Readers

I love to read paperback and eBooks, too, so I know the limitations we face with digital media at times.

Since "FEELING STUCK?" is an interactive coaching book, I wanted to be sure that eBook readers had a few critical elements from the book to download so you could put pen to paper.

  • Personal Assessment
  • Foundation Five Overview Questions
  • Final Five Overview Questions

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