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Feeling Stuck is a plan-of-action that walks you through 10 key areas of self that will change how you show up in life. Be prepared to dive deep with relatable stories, effective tools, and insightful prompts that are guaranteed to boost your confidence, self-worth, and passion for what life has to offer. 



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Feeling Stuck book and workbook available on Amazon for life transformation

"Feeling Stuck?" Companion Workbook

To give you the best experience and keep it as close to private coaching as possible, you'll want the companion workbook. Think of it as a personal journal to explore the ideas presented to you.

What you get:

  • Practical tools designed to complement the concepts explored in the main book.
  • Thought-provoking prompts and reflective exercises.
  • A journey of self-discovery to help you uncover your passions, realize your unconscious limitations, and set meaningful goals to fuel personal growth.
  • Additional positive momentum so that you can experience a more fulfilled life.
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Azmeena Duran, PsyD, Organizational Psychologist

"Feeling Stuck? Empower Yourself to Live a Happier, More Fulfilling Life” delivers powerful information and effective tools for those that are tired of thinking about what their lives could be, and ready to take action to make their dreams a reality. Nicole offers insight and exercises that make way for every reader to experience their own inner transformation. Be ready to feel inspired and experience the benefits unfolding in your life!


The 10 Tenets of Mindset Transformation


 Awareness & Accountability

 Psychological Congruence




 Confidence & Boundaries 








✓ Confident. Your self-worth will improve, as well as your ability to protect it with healthy boundary setting.

 ✓ Proud. Of who you are, where you are heading, and what has brought you to this very moment.

 ✓ Driven. By uncovering more ability than you realize.

 ✓ Unapologetic. By showing you how your version of the world is just as valid as anyone else's; and how you can change it whenever you choose to.

✓ Present. By showing how being in the moment improves relationships and productivity.

✓ Connected. To yourself and others.

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  • 8 Steps to Finding Your Purpose
  • The Principles of Success
  • Traits of Confident People




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I love to read paperback and eBooks, too, so I know the limitations we face with digital media at times.

Since "FEELING STUCK?" is an interactive coaching book, I wanted to be sure that eBook readers had a few critical elements from the book to download so you could put pen to paper.


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  • Personal Assessment
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"I show people how capable they really are, and embolden them to be their most authentic self without making apologies for it."

- Nicole
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