The thing holding you back is you.

Take the first step to your new, more fulfilled life. You deserve it. If you feel like you have been trying to get in shape for years with few results then it's time for a change.

I'm Ready!



Customized training to suit your goals and your specific body needs. We go beyond the studio and help integrate fitness into your healthy mindset & lifestyle.

You are never too young or old to start living a better life!

•  Combat stress & fatigue  

•  Boost your immune system

•  Improve energy, focus & body


•  Lose weight, tone, firm, increase lean mass & reduce body fat  

•  Feel confident and in control  

•  Postural Improvements

•  Overcome personal obstacles

•  Improve overall health & fitness levels



OSHA Certified Workplace Ergonomics Evaluations

On-site Nutrition/Wellness Workshops

Inspirational & Motivational Speaking


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Thursday, November 1 @ 7:30pm: Yinyasa Yoga w/ Samantha Marcum (Free, Clients only)

Saturday, November 10 @ 11:30am: Healthy You - Inside and Out Speakers and demonstrations by Nicole of Focus Studio, Michelle of Beautycounter and Lynn of Doterra.

Saturday, November 17: Fantasy of Lights 5K (Ragnar prep run)

Sunday, December 16: Jingle Bell Jog 5K (Ragnar prep run)

Sunday, January 13: Hollywood Half & 5K (Ragnar prep run)

Saturday, February 9: Ragnar Sprint Relay (Clients only - Go Team Focus!)

TBD: Yinyasa Yoga w/ Laura Hedges (Free, Clients only)

TBD: Kickbox Class @ Elite Force Marital Arts (Free, Clients only)

​TBD: Working with Therapy Balls

(Bring yours or available for purchase)

TBD: Reiki & Sound Healing with Reiki Masters Samantha Marcum and Rich Gausman (Donation Accepted, Clients only)

TBD: How Important Is Good Form? - Workshop with Nicole Hollar (Free, Public)

TBD: Guest Massage Therapist

TBD: Guided Meditation

TBD: Nutrition Essentials Seminar (Free, Public)


In 2002 I fell into fitness training — as many people do. I loved working out! Seemed easy enough to show people how to lift. What I didn't understand then but quickly realized is that fitness is a gateway for people to stabilize their lives. Managing your workouts, your food, your health are areas that we can all take control of. 

Yes, we all face obstacles...will you move through them, go around them or run from them?

Unlike many people I was a child athlete and started working out in high school. But it's never too late to learn something new. I've been a martial artist since 2006 and earned my 2nd degree Black Belt in 2012. And I learned how to swim properly at age 37. So whether you have worked out forever and just want to learn to maximize what you are doing, or you've never stepped foot into a gym or thought about health, I can understand.

Learning and coaching are really the same. You can't coach if you stop learning and empathizing with the people who count on you.

Don't wait! Let's get you where you want and deserve to be!

Change your mindset. Change your life. ® 

Nicole Hollar, Owner

Free Client Contact, Health History and Fitness Goals Forms, Self-calculating Measurement Tools, and More!

Struggling to keep your client information in order? Looking for a pre-formatted and proven client consultation tool and more? The Personal Trainer ToolKit is a collection of data forms designed to help you both organize, and create efficiency in your training business. Most of the tools are interactive and calculating, and many are modifiable for your specific business needs

"Don't let fear stop you from living fully."

- Nicole Hollar



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