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When Work Works

Cutting-Edge Solutions for the Contemporary Workplace


Through engaging narratives and actionable insights, When Work Works invites readers to reconsider conventional notions of work and embrace innovative strategies for building thriving organizations. It's a compelling read for leaders, HR professionals, and anyone passionate about shaping the future of work in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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Each chapter presents a unique perspective, showcasing the nuanced approaches organizations can take to foster success. Whether it's redefining workplace culture, prioritizing employee well-being, embracing flexible work arrangements, or championing diversity and inclusion, this book offers a wealth of ideas for creating optimal workplaces.



Cindy Lundin
Professional Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator
Dana Grindal
Prayer Minister, Founder of Whitestone Ministries Intl
Human Resources Consultant, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator
Michele Fantt Harris, SHRM-SCP
Leadership and Career Coach
Nicole Hollar
Empowerment and Wellness
Speaker | Coach | Author
Ralph de Chabert
Consultant, Speaker, Jerk Expert
Positivity Instigator & Innovation Igniter
Founder - Engineering Leadership Solutions
Dad, Husband, Builder, Speaker, Owner of MWC
Chief Coaching Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Executive Coach & Professional Speaker
Founder, Recruiting Experiences
Molley Ricketts
CEO & Founder of Incipio Workforce Solutions
Principal - Talent Alignment, LLC
Thought Leader on How to Make Your Best Decisions and Premier Mentor to Women in Business



Chapter 1: Faith-Filled Leadership: Integrating Faith within Coaching, Training, and Leadership by Cindy Lundin
Chapter 2: Putting Your Heart into Your Work: How to Invest in the Hearts of Others without Missing Your Own by Dana Grindal
Chapter 3: Will They Stay or Will They Go?: Recruiting and Retaining Talent through the Full Life Cycle of Employment by Cindy Schuler
Chapter 4: Lead Them Before They Leave You by Michele Fantt Harris, SHRM-SCP
Chapter 5: Playing Nice in the Sandbox: Workplaces Function Best When Everyone on the Team Is Mindful, Has Healthy Boundaries, and Demonstrates Respect by Nicole Hollar
Chapter 6: Employee Resource Groups: Barriers and Improving Impact by Ralph de Chabert
Chapter 7: Creating a Jerk-Free Workplace through Courage by Eric L. Williamson
Chapter 8: Mind Games: Unraveling the Mystery of Emotional Shenanigans with Mustard and Bananas by Christina Reising, SPHR, SHRM-CP
Chapter 9: Making Hybrid Work: Facilitating the Right Work from the Right Place at the Right Time by Wendy A. Cocke
Chapter 10: Be a Builder in Everything You Do Every Day by Doug Reitz
Chapter 11: Crafting Intentional Interactions at Work: In-Person Gatherings to Solve Business Problems and Cultivate Workplace Culture by Jeff Nally, PCC, SHRM-SCP
Chapter 12: All Guts? No Glory: Stop Relying on Referrals, Gut Feel, and Luck to Hire Top Talent by Amy Oviedo
Chapter 13: Empowering the Frontline: When Work Works for Those Who Matter Most by Molley Ricketts
Chapter 14: ‚ÄúSo, What Do You Do?‚ÄĚ:¬†The Answer Your CEO Will Love!¬†by S. Richard Park, Ph.D.
Chapter 15: What Every Mentor Knows:¬†‚ÄúYou Can‚Äôt Google This Stuff!‚Ä̬†by Dr. Pamela D. Grey

"For teams to function best, individuals must have quality communication, know their roles, and be accountable for their actions."

- Nicole
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