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Nutrition Essentials Course

Tired of fad dieting, low energy and immunity, and weight swings? Have you just never learned what healthy eating looks like? 

You are ready to make a change now – and I'm going to teach you to think about food differently, then show you how to break it down. Food=Fuel, it's not a fad. When you choose to embrace living a more healthy lifestyle you will be able to maintain your level of wellness long-term and love how you feel inside and out.


Supportive Nutrition - Eliminating bad foods is not enough. Learn how to approach eating in a way that gets you results!

Eating Well - What does it really mean? Take control of your health!

Food Is Fuel - Learn to adjust for your activity level & lifestyle.

Don’t Be Fooled by food label marketing schemes. Understand what food labels really mean.

Putting It All Together - The truth about metabolism, fat loss and muscle maintenance.

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Overcoming Obstacles & Limiting Beliefs

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Values Elicitation and Evolution

How they affect behavior and personal interactions

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