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NLP Mindset Coaching | Keynote & Motivational Speaking | Health & Fitness

When was the last time you did something just for you? Stepped out of your comfort zone and had a life changing breakthrough? Everything we do yields a result. Your time is now!

Do what Drives You, Excites You, and Betters You & those around you.


Private Personal Training

Customized training to suit your goals and your specific body needs. We go beyond the studio and help integrate fitness into your healthy mindset & lifestyle. You are never too young or old to start living a better life!

Combat stress & fatigue • Boost your immune system • Improve energy, focus & body awareness • Lose weight, tone, firm, increase lean mass & reduce body fat • Feel confident and in control • Postural Improvements • Overcome personal obstacles • Improve overall health & fitness levels

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Transform Your Outlook and Life

14-week online and phone coaching program that will drive you to heightened levels of awareness, confidence, focus, and purpose.

Discover your capacity for personal growth, life fulfillment and joy!



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As speaker, author, fitness coach and self-development leader, Nicole has a wealth of information that can be tailored to any event type. She is engaging, witty and draws on her real-life experiences of working with clients of all ages and backgrounds for nearly 20 years.

Her keen understanding of human nature, behaviors and psychological drivers enables her to coach clients to take control of their lives, work through blocks and triggers and ultimately step into their own power.

Treat your attendees to a unique, motivational and educational event. Contact Nicole today!

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It's More Than Training

For my fellow trainers... Essential, ultimate training business document kit in self-calculating Excel®, Word® and/or PDF format. Not a generic download. These documents have been used for more than 16 years in the personal training industry and refined over time. Whether you are too busy to accept more clients or on your way, this series will take your business' organization to a higher level.

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From wellness to personal development there is something to inspire everyone.

Free Client Contact, Health History and Fitness Goals Forms.

Struggling to keep your client information in order? Looking for a pre-formatted and proven client consultation tool? This FREE client info packet includes the proven client consultation tool to make gathering personal data, health history and fitness goals easy and organized.

Because we’re passionate about helping make personal trainers lives easier, we’re also including a FREE Marketing Calendar and a FREE nutrition summary for your clients.

We make the math easy!

As a special bonus, you’ll also receive a pre-formatted spreadsheet to help you calculate body fat percentages, weight and calorie goals.



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