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Don't Want To vs. Don't Know How To

personal development Feb 01, 2018

Whatever the topic "Don't want to" and "Don't know how to" yield the same result. So if you "Want To" you need to learn "How To."

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The Spoon

Let's say you were trapped in a small room and wanted out. And I told you that if you took a spoon and started scraping at the wall, in five years you'd be free.
Would you do it?
Would you already see failure because the destination is far away?
Fast forward... it is year six. You are still in the room because you defeated yourself and gave up before starting. The time passed anyway but you are still there.
Now how would you feel?
Many things in life (weight loss, job growth, most recoveries & improvements) take time. Wherever you are probably didn't happen over night, and most things that come quick leave just as fast. It is the slow, consistent effort that is most effective for long-term, stable success. Day by day; meal by meal; stone by stone.
Be patient and believe in you!
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Train to Be Healthy

wellness Jan 26, 2018
I'm reminded of the many people who have asked me to help them become a bodybuilder or be skinny...and the many times I've said that I could but won't do that.
"But I can teach you to be healthy and fit," I respond.
I have so much pride for all those people who have taken a risk and, with coaching and trust, let go of their deeply rooted ideas and fantasies of what they need to do to reach this (often unhealthy) “dream."
We must remember that our bodies, inside & out, are reflections of our lifestyle. If you don't like how you feel or what those blood tests are saying, etc. it's a sign that you need to change your lifestyle. Being comfortable enough to do that for many people is another whole blog post.
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Mindset and Insanity

personal development Jan 07, 2018
If Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
Mindset is thinking and behaving different to get different results from life. Until you change your mindset (which can be challenging I realize), you will see the same patterns repeat themselves.
Change your mindset. Change your life.
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Beliefs And Actions. Do Yours Match?

personal development Dec 21, 2017

Much internal conflict arises when we feel we are or should be a certain way but don't practice it in our everyday life. Our beliefs and actions are out of sync. What is worse, the disappointment of not trying or the disappointment of not succeeding?

Always remember that the shear act of trying something new yields its own success, as does the freedom of being who you really are.

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Societal Derailment

personal development Dec 15, 2017
When Darwin wrote "The Ascent of Man..." he mentioned survival of the fittest twice, love 95 times, moral sensitivity 92 times and the mind and brain 200 times! The basis of all animal societies is cooperation, common good and democracy.
What has happened to ours?
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'Tis The Season

personal development Dec 01, 2017

If everyone gave more time, love, patience etc we'd be more inspired as a collective for ourselves and mankind.

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Holiday Survival Guide

wellness Nov 24, 2017
Wow...the holidays! While intended to be a time of joy and delight, it is often a time of stress and self-sacrifice for many.
1. Be sure to prioritize the things you have to do. Many have time deadlines, many do not.
2. Breathe. That 30 minutes you give yourself to just be and do nothing or something relaxing can reinvigorate you for hours, even days.
3. If you are going to let your activity slip away then accept it. If you don't you will create a situation of resentment towards yourself and the things that are getting in its way.
4. The more stress we have the less we tend to take care of ourselves. You are still number one. Without you, you can't make time for everything and everyone else.
5. You can't do it all and that's okay.
6. Go to your holiday parties somewhat satiated and it will help you resist those food items that you would never normally eat, or at least not in the quantity that you will eat if you go starving. Oh, and if a drink looks like a...
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A Diary Moment

personal development Jul 16, 2015
Here I am, Wednesday night, up in five hours for a client. Another day has passed filled with lessons, messengers, and the reminders of why I chose this path.
It's been difficult being a small business owner with a big mind. I'm so grateful that I have a lot of skill sets even if none of them are at a high level. I've been gifted with the "I'll figure it out gene," an important one when you don't have the funds to hire people to do everything. It's made me curious, driven, and ambitious. But it's also exhausted me at times.
And this past weekend was one of those times. I had a moment where I thought that's it, I'm selling everything, leaving my studio and moving to India!
Then the messengers came, and the reminders started showing up. And I listened. I quieted myself. I reminded myself that ever since I was a young child I wanted to positively influence as many people as I could in my life. And abandoning everything would serve no one.
So tonight...
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