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Holiday Survival Guide

wellness Nov 24, 2017
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Wow...the holidays! While intended to be a time of joy and delight, it is often a time of stress and self-sacrifice for many.
1. Be sure to prioritize the things you have to do. Many have time deadlines, many do not.
2. Breathe. That 30 minutes you give yourself to just be and do nothing or something relaxing can reinvigorate you for hours, even days.
3. If you are going to let your activity slip away then accept it. If you don't you will create a situation of resentment towards yourself and the things that are getting in its way.
4. The more stress we have the less we tend to take care of ourselves. You are still number one. Without you, you can't make time for everything and everyone else.
5. You can't do it all and that's okay.
6. Go to your holiday parties somewhat satiated and it will help you resist those food items that you would never normally eat, or at least not in the quantity that you will eat if you go starving. Oh, and if a drink looks like a dessert, it is!
Be safe, have fun, and don't fall too far off the wagon...we want to get you back on it, even if for the first time.

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