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Evening Thoughts from Utah

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2019

It's been an incredible four days of snowboarding with great people. I've truly had the best snowboard trip to date. I felt good and the weather was incredible. I'm so grateful. In these past few days I've embraced what I often speak of: be present, find balance, honor yourself, and try something new.

Be present. In our highly connected age people often find difficulty disconnecting. This is the first time I've sat with my tablet this vacation. During this trip I've had limited contact with people, shared a few photos, and appreciated the people around me and the beauty of Utah. Being present is peaceful and wonderful.

Find balance. I love what I do. I am excited to work with my clients every day. Like everyone, however, we all need "me" time. The question is, are you taking it even weekly? When was your last getaway no matter what its length or destination?

Honor yourself. One thing you really learn while riding is to honor your body. You learn to challenge yourself but not be stubborn. To listen when your body tells you it's time to stop for the day. Without honoring self on the mountain you set yourself up for injury.

Try something new. Four years ago at age 39 I learned to snowboard. Man was I afraid to hurt myself. In that time I've been challenged physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I've fallen, cried, walked down the mountain board in hand, and each time I tried to figure out how to make it better. I knew it was a sport I could enjoy with training and practice. I was right.

This year it really all came together. The weather nudged us along and the views were breathtaking. I got brave and even entered the fluffy snow of the trees. I have plenty to learn and next year will take a lesson to fine tune my current skill level, and take me higher.

The photo in this blog is from the top of a lift at Brighton in Utah. We were told it was a rare occasion to see above the cloudline that was suspended over the valley below. We were among many people with our gloves off and camera in hand. It was worth the cold fingers.

My reminder to you... Be present. Appreciate what is around you. Enjoy the moment.



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