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personal development wellness Nov 18, 2018
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If you are anything like me you have a lot going on during the Fall and Winter seasons. I might be a coach, but just like everyone else we are regular people who have to give ourselves constant reminders of when to stay focused, and when to take time out for ourselves. 

So today I did just that. I got myself involved in a project I've been working on and shut down the computer at 8 a.m. to go to the cycling class I enjoy on Sunday mornings. In all fairness, I have missed that class for the past couple of Sundays, but it was planned and intentional.

This morning I went though – and let me tell you, it was the best thing I could have done. I had a great class. Afterwards, I felt energized and was ready to conquer today.

Last night was very similar. I made a commitment to my team to do a 5k and just like this morning I shut my computer down and ran from the house (in haste, unfortunately). As a result, when I arrived I was in an obviously foul mood because of various reasons so I handed off what I needed to bring, and stepped away to clear my head. Look, people have bad moods but it is important to honor it and not spread it. It was even noted that my bad mood was amusing because it is rarely seen.

I'm so grateful to have gone last night because not only do I love my team and made a commitment, I felt awesome afterwards then, too.

I may still have a bunch of work to do today but I have accomplished a lot, and my body, spirit and energy are very different now compared to yesterday afternoon.

So here's my reminder to you, don't neglect yourself because you have too much going on. It's those breaks that keep us sane and give us the self-love we need to keep moving on with clarity and focus, and good vibes for the people around us.

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