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Temptation and Self-Discipline.

personal development wellness Oct 21, 2018
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At yesterday’s Nutrition Essentials Seminar I let everyone in on the secret to weight management. Are you ready? It’s Self-Discipline. Assuming that you have gathered the proper education about how food is used as fuel from that point on it is your responsibility to stay true to your goals by using the knowledge and education that you have via Self-Discipline.

It’s easy to get lazy or to let the hedonistic toddler inside us all take over in the moment and redirect us from goals we’ve set. Whether your struggle is better eating, following through on a big house project, writing a book or simply following through on a weekly commitment – even on days it is raining or you are lazy – it is Self-Discipline that must prevail.

Choosing between “this or that,” two items right in front of you is far more simple than choosing between right now and the future. Do you deserve buying a frivolous item or do you deserve saving that money so you can take the trip you have dreamed of for years? Ask yourself the same thing about your food. Do you deserve that donut or do you deserve reaching your weight goal and feeling better?

Choices are always yours. The question is whether you have the Self-Discipline to honor your goals even when temptation is in front of you or you get a little off track.

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