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The Power of You

personal development Jan 07, 2019

The idea of strength evokes a sense of power, dominance and control. However, when it comes to embracing the wholeness of another person, aren’t you impressed when someone can honor their weaknesses? If you are anything like me you probably are. Isn’t it funny though, how hard it is for most people to honor their own weaknesses – or things they perceive as a weakness. 

Our strengths and weaknesses, where we excel or where we don’t, and our individuality is uniquely our own. You might want to be a Ferrari but if you are a Honda Civic it is simply not going to happen. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t be a suped-up Civic! It's important that we understand and recognize our strengths and weaknesses because both are equally important. By honoring our weaknesses we are kept from following mismatched paths, and by focusing on our strengths we amplify the person who we are.

You wouldn't put a race car in an off-road race just like you wouldn't put a monster truck in a drag race. Both have strengths and both have weaknesses in their design and accept their uniqueness.

Maybe you are charismatic and that's terrific, perhaps you are very shy in that is okay, too. You might even be a math whiz or maybe you are super athletic. Competency in many things is excellent but don't expect yourself to compete with everybody in every way.


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