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The Spoon

personal development wellness Jan 29, 2018
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Let's say you were trapped in a small room and wanted out. And I told you that if you took a spoon and started scraping at the wall, in five years you'd be free.
Would you do it?
Would you already see failure because the destination is far away?
Fast forward... it is year six. You are still in the room because you defeated yourself and gave up before starting. The time passed anyway but you are still there.
Now how would you feel?
Many things in life (weight loss, job growth, most recoveries & improvements) take time. Wherever you are probably didn't happen over night, and most things that come quick leave just as fast. It is the slow, consistent effort that is most effective for long-term, stable success. Day by day; meal by meal; stone by stone.
Be patient and believe in you!

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