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What Is Your Gift?

personal development Oct 07, 2018

I believe in the extraordinary potential that exists within everyone. Now I don’t just mean a person’s ability to draw, or do math or whatever other tangible skill a person has. I’m including the intangibles like depth of character, ability to be empathetic, hard-working, and skill at lifting people around them and brightening a day. These are just a few examples.

Not everyone is an all-star at something tangible. And that’s okay. But everyone is an all-star at something. We are all here influencing people with every turn and are role models in our own way. I believe that finding your gift and sharing it is what creates life fulfillment. Unfortunately, too often we ignore our own gift for want of another’s. Personally, I’m not great at anything specific but I’m pretty decent at various things. However, it is my desire to learn about people and things which allows me to relate to and connect with a wide array of people that I believe to be my gift. What is yours? I’d love to hear from you.


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