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Desperate People Do Desperate Things.

personal development Aug 05, 2018

We find that in the most desperate times of life we make some of the poorest choices. 

For example:

* When you finally slid as far down the hill as you can go in your health and wellness and make desperate, radical choices in order to get to where you think you should be.

* When you are destitute and don’t think you have anywhere to go and you start making life and job decisions that are against who you really are or that make you miserable.

What to do.

  1. Don’t get stuck in the pity cycle; letting the momentum of things that make you feel bad take control. Take over. You can stop the spin!
  2. Listen to the positive inner voice. Not the one that gives excuses, or the naysayers around you.
  3. Know who you are when you are emotionally strong. This gives us a pillar to ground ourselves.
  4. Focus on the best of you, not the worst.

    You CAN do it. You WILL make positive life choices. Be mindful of what you are running to, not just what you are running from.
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Life is Like a Rip Current.

personal development Jul 29, 2018

We spend so much of life resisting, a natural response when deviated from our intended direction. Those who keep fighting life changes as if in a rip current often find themselves exhausted, unmoving, and drowning.

Sometimes it is best to go with the flow just like when stuck in a rip current. Sure, you may be diverted from your original direction but you will survive, and maybe even find a new or better path, or learn something along the way.

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What is Myofascial Release?

wellness Jul 22, 2018

Fascia is a general term we use to describe connective tissue. It’s the shiny Saran Wrap stuff that divides a steak into smaller compartments, and it wraps around everything throughout our entire body in one continuous structure: every organ, muscle, nerve, bone, artery, you get the point. The fascia has both structural and chemical functions and is largely responsible for our freedom of movement by allowing all of these structures to glide fluidly over one another.

When people talk about their knots, what they are speaking of is mal-aligned tissue due to trauma, inflammation, injury, poor motor patterns and emotional distress. Myofascial (Myo=muscle, Fascia=sheath of encasing fibrous tissue) release helps create chemical and mechanical changes that improve movement patterns.

When it comes to addressing fascial dysfunction it is important to assess why it became that way and manage all of the areas that are affecting the region causing you pain and/or mobility issues. Massage,...

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Every Day is a New Opportunity.

personal development Jul 15, 2018

Learn from the broken pieces of yesterday, then leave them behind so they don’t drag you back on your journey forward. We must clear out the old to make space for the new, and remember that all experiences are lessons.

You have the choice and power to change anything you want at any time. Even the smallest change will gradually magnify itself.

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Don’t Mistake Preparation for Action

Changing our lifestyle really does follow a process of change. Don’t let yourself get trapped in the preparation stage of change. I remind people that at this point we do a lot of talking with occasional action moments but it usually becomes another mantra that gets repeated without action. As an example, I’ve heard people talk about getting more fit or changing jobs for years. They’ll occasionally try a new diet or exercise, or redo a resume but with no real commitment. They may do something to satisfy the inner voice that wants change for a moment but without really committing.

We run in circles in the preparation and action stages because we don’t want to believe that we accept the situation we are in even if we aren’t willing to change it long-term. The ideation of change becomes another thing we tell ourselves without real follow-up. My advice, let it go. Accept where you are for the moment. This way when you are really ready for a change you are...

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Carbs, Proteins & Fats - The Basics

wellness Jun 24, 2018

Eating a well-balanced meal 3 times/day, plus 3 reasonably balanced snacks every day is essential for metabolic stability, stamina and muscle maintenance. Since your body responds both hormonally and calorically, eating the right quantity (not too much, not too little) of proper foods to help shed fat and build muscle is vital. 

Starting the day with proteins can boost your metabolism up to 30% and set you on track for the day. The average person should eat about every three hours (including meals & snacks), including a small protein/vegetable snack about 1 hour or so before bedtime. Your body must stay nourished while in its dormant state, but realize your metabolism is slower at this time and high glycemic foods (simple & starchy carbs) are not a good idea.

Protein is essential! For each pound of Lean Body Mass (LBM) you have, you need .8 – 1 gram of protein per day. Without adequate protein for both muscle maintenance and recovery after training, your body...

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How Self-Doubt Rules People

personal development Jun 17, 2018

Self-doubt is a huge driver in our lives, wouldn’t you agree? Whether it be about appearance, intelligence, decision making or social acceptance, there are too many people who need constant validation and compliments. This doubt hinders their decision making and life fulfillment, takes away control over how they feel, and long-term leads to self-esteem issues, anxiety and depression. The continual need for validation is not the same as narcissism but often looks similar.

Interdependence is a normal part of human society. As much as we need to be able to validate ourselves we also seek validation from our peers. I once heard a saying that went something like: If you live by the compliment you’ll die by the criticism. Dependent people who seek external validation constantly often lack emotional stability, with swings happening frequently. People who seek constant external validation often lose touch with the foundation of who they are. These same people may find that they...

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Everybody is a Genius

personal development Jun 03, 2018
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
– Albert Einstein
I’ve always found that quote to be very spot-on because we often judge people’s intelligence and skills based on our own values and abilities. We all have natural abilities. In my experience I have found that people often dive into areas of learning where they naturally excel while avoiding the areas where they are not naturally gifted. I have a “skill” math equation I tell clients about: Natural Ability x Interest = Skill.
Finding the balance between over-trying and giving up is one that many people struggle with. It is both important to learn something that is not easy, while knowing the subjects where becoming an expert is unlikely and moving on. Unfortunately, we’ve lost the interest or perhaps courage to learn things at a simple competency level.
No one is a...
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Be Responsible for Things Important to You

Would you rely on a wake-up call and not set your own alarm if you had an important meeting or interview? The answer is likely “no.” Take personal responsibility for you.
Workout buddies are great for example, but they should not dictate whether or not you go to the gym on a day they decide they don’t want to. Likewise, you get to decide what food you want, how much alcohol you will consume, etc.
Where else in your life can you apply this principle? Don't give other people the power to dictate when you get to receive the things that bring you joy.
Are you waiting for someone to invite you somewhere? Invite them. Are you moving? Waiting for others to offer help? Maybe they think you have it taken care of. If you need it, ask. Want to see a movie this weekend but no one can or wants to see that film? Go yourself. It's pretty rewarding and freeing to know you can and do it. I assure you, no one is staring at you. Even if...
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Your Time is Now!

personal development May 20, 2018
When is the last time you did something just for you? Stepped out of your comfort zone and had a life changing breakthrough? Everything we do yields a result.
Do what drives you, excites you, and betters you and those around you!
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