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Be Responsible for Things Important to You

Would you rely on a wake-up call and not set your own alarm if you had an important meeting or interview? The answer is likely “no.” Take personal responsibility for you.
Workout buddies are great for example, but they should not dictate whether or not you go to the gym on a day they decide they don’t want to. Likewise, you get to decide what food you want, how much alcohol you will consume, etc.
Where else in your life can you apply this principle? Don't give other people the power to dictate when you get to receive the things that bring you joy.
Are you waiting for someone to invite you somewhere? Invite them. Are you moving? Waiting for others to offer help? Maybe they think you have it taken care of. If you need it, ask. Want to see a movie this weekend but no one can or wants to see that film? Go yourself. It's pretty rewarding and freeing to know you can and do it. I assure you, no one is staring at you. Even if...
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Your Time is Now!

personal development May 20, 2018
When is the last time you did something just for you? Stepped out of your comfort zone and had a life changing breakthrough? Everything we do yields a result.
Do what drives you, excites you, and betters you and those around you!
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Action. The difference Between Wishful Thinking and Projection.

personal development May 13, 2018
Vision without Action is wishful thinking.
Believing you are a certain way without Action is projection.
What Action will you take today?
Have a great week!
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Intentional Living: Living with Purpose and Fulfillment

Do you ever wonder where the day, week or month went? It’s not uncommon and we’ve all literally asked that question at some point. As society has evolved with it the daily tasks of life have taken over. Some are necessary while others are by choice.
When it comes to busyness there are two kinds of people: Those who are actively engaged in their busyness, and those who are always thinking about what has to be done and are exhausted by their own mind.
When is the last time you felt like you had a truly successful day? Or maybe you got a lot done but it’s all just a blur. Intentional Living helps us declutter, focus on purpose and being fulfilled, and take active roles in deciding how our days go.
Imagine if you were actively present and engaged with nearly everything you did, and you also gave yourself permission to do nothing. Let’s look at a couple of simple examples.
Eating: As a fitness professional I help...
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Suffering in Silence: Undiagnosed ADHD in Women

wellness Apr 29, 2018
Misunderstandings about the differences in ADHD symptoms in males and females have gone on since the initial clinical studies of the 1970s. Really hyperactive young boys were taken to clinics and the diagnostic criteria were based on those studies – making it difficult to diagnose girls unless they behave like hyperactive boys. As boys age their symptoms often decrease, however, as girls move through puberty their hormone changes often magnify the symptoms. Often, symptoms do not appear until the college years or later.
As a result adult women are often misdiagnosed with anxiety or mood disorders over ADHD. Of those women being treated with anxiety disorders, the benzodiazepine class of medication often prescribed elicits confusion, depression, and memory loss in its users, amplifying the effects of ADHD the person is already experiencing.
Basic differences:
  • Males tend to be more hyperactive and impulsive.
  • Females tend to be scattered,...
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You Can Have a New Ending

personal development Apr 22, 2018
Do you find yourself comparing your life, success, health, relationships, etc to those of others? Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or different skill set. You can’t have a new beginning but you can have a new ending. At any point in any day you get to choose what decisions you will make or what new doorway to walk through. It may not be easy, but that is how we grow in life. We learn to build confidence making hard choices and overcoming obstacles put in front of us.
Every day we have a choice. Next time, instead of looking outward for what is holding you back look inward. See the value in your path, honor yourself, and find the lessons in the setbacks you encounter. It’s up to you to change your ending.
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Do No Harm but Take No Shit.

personal development Apr 15, 2018
Taken out of context the title may sound aggressive. However, if you really look at what it means it is saying that it’s okay to set boundaries while also being aware that is not OK to intentionally harm another being.
We all learn from boundaries: The person setting those practices self-respect, and the other person learns how you want to be treated etc.
To illustrate my point I will use some simple personal life examples.
The Bar
Years ago I was out with a few friends enjoying a quiet evening at a local bar. Two guys came in and they were being rude and aggressive; eventually one of them calmed down. But for the next hour and a half the second guy kept behaving in a very inappropriate manner.
I have a very long and patient fuse that burns over time but we all have a snapping point. Finally in my own very firm manner I let him know that I was done attempting to redirect him and put him in his place.
Avoidance: Just leaving and...
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Did You Know the Gut Controls the Brain?

wellness Apr 08, 2018
We all know that the brain is our command center. It uses the vagus nerve to communicate with most of the body including the majority of the digestive tract. It also communicates fight or flight which is why you might feel your heart race, get short of breath, or a knot in your stomach or vomit when you become very stressed or nervous.
What science has learned is that 80-90% of the nerves in the enteric nervous system (region from esophagus to anus) go from the gut to the brain. The enteric system is so advanced with an extensive network of more than one hundred million neurons – more than the number of nerves in the spinal chord – that even if you cut the vagus nerve it will continue digestion on its own without the direction of the brain. That’s pretty impressive!
Before the modern age of food safety we had to determine if food was safe, if it could provide fuel, etc. The direct communication from the gut tells us this information. This is...
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Is Meditation for Me?

The idea of meditation for many people often involves imagery of chanting, humming, smoke and a religious experience. Though meditation may involve sound and be practiced to have a greater connection with your Divinity, is not specific to religious practice. Meditation is the practice of tuning our attention away from distracting thoughts and quieting the mind and body in an effort to experience inner calm and peace. Attitudes towards meditation have changed greatly, and it has been incorporated into some schools to teach kids to be more present, calm and cooperative.
  • Stress and anxiety reduction by quieting the mind and body, and reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Lowering blood pressure and improving breath regulation by taking the body into a better state of relaxation.
  • Improves self-awareness and acceptance by helping to clear the mind so we can see who we really are from a better vantage point. From there we can alter or maintain our...
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The Butterfly Effect of Kindness

personal development Mar 25, 2018

Sure, we've all gone to the grocery store and the clerk didn't even lift his or her head during the entire transaction. But does it mean you can't say “hello, thank you and have a great day?" Any of you who have joined me via phone at the store know that when I get to the checkout I ask if you prefer to hold or if I can call you back. That gesture alone often elicits a positive response from a cashier. Greeting both the bagger and clerk by name, treating them as people not servants, grows smiles and sometimes (sadly) a look of shock or confusion. Your simple greeting may change that person's attitude towards the day. They may have just had a poor interaction with a boss, been ignored by the cell phone using customers for an hour, and so on. You making that effort to interact with the cashier... and the bagger too...and by name as a bonus...reconnects them to the people that surround them.

Too often we ignore the people around us. You may think that no interaction is not...
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